Friday, 7 March 2008

It's Friday!!

I spent the day in my workshop making bits and pieces to send away for hallmarking. I send the pieces away half finished. This makes them easier to hallmark and prevents a finished piece getting damaged, especially the pieces with resin in them. I find this quite a distruption in the making process but I suppose that's just the way things are. It does mean that loads of pieces get finished at the same time which is always fun!

I'm going out tonight to see my friend Sam playing some techno in the City Function Suite in Dundee. Looking forward to a dance! But first I have to go to band practice so must dash!

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Jadi Clark said...

I just wanted to say that ive been onto your site and I think your jewellery is really amazing. Cant wait until you have got more stuff up on your blog to look at. I am a jewellery tech doing my btech and I am also using alot of resin in my work so I find your jewellery really inspiring!