Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dundee Kilt Pins

Sunny again today! I'm in the garden in my pants trying to get rid of the tan lines across the top of my thighs while I type this. When are they going to invent a screen that you can see easily in the sun??? Right now I have an umbrella over the laptop to try and give it some shade, seems to be working a bit.

There was an opening at Hanna's Gallery in Dundee (my umbrella just blew away!) on Friday. I usually have some jewellery displayed with them but the gallery manager, Jen, was asking me for kilt pins. This was only last week so I quickly designed two kilt pins inspired by Dundee. These are the first Kilt Pins I have made for a gallery, the rest have all been to commission, so I'm looking forward to seeing if they sell.

Unfortunately I only managed to get one finished in time for the opening but there was a wee write up in the local newspaper mentioning the Kilt Pin which is excellent.

I was in Markinch on Sunday playing in a pipe band competition. We got 1st in Grade 3 and 2nd in Grade 2. Last week we were at the Scottish Championships in Dumbarton, we got 4th in Grade 3, here is a video of our preformance. I'm third from the left (if you are in the band) in the back row. Ok, adding a youtube video to this is a wee bit more complacated than I thought so here's a link instead!

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