Sunday, 7 September 2008

7 more days till Disney!

Been a while! Lots has happened since I last wrote!

- Won Champion of Champions with my pipe band at Cowal! Whoo!

- Got a massive blood blister on my finger, hit it with a hammer :(

- Finished a long overdue necklace for the girl across the road to match an existing bangle.

- Started building our new workshop with my friend Adrian, getting better with an electric screwdriver!

- Started selling jewellery in a lovely wee shop in Perth called Boo Vake, here is their website.

- Went shopping in Glasgow and bought a pair of hareem pants for when I'm in Florida! I think they look fab, many would disagree!

- Confirmed two more exhibitions for over Christmas in Ferrers Gallery in Leicestershire and the Designs Gallery in Castle Douglas.

- Finished a beautiful kilt pin styled on the Iona Cross, probably the most traditional I've made but also one of my favourites.

Lots to do this week in preparation for trip to Disney World, so excited but this is not the time of year for jewellers to go on holiday! I'm also aiming to get my tax return done before I leave, ahh! Can't wait until I'm on that plane! Mickey! Here I come!!

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