Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A few finished pieces

For your pleasure, some photographs of jewellery I made last week -

Roch Rings - with a bit of bending one size fits all!

Dunkeld Doctor Kilt Pin - commissioned as a leaving present

Ruby Treasure Ring - I will be sending this to Artifex Gallery soon

along with these earrings set with citrines

and this a ring made for a friend, it's set with a piece of shell from the beach where she got married.

Loads going on just now so not going to start blethering too much or I won't know when to stop! Going to do a week of drum teaching with the Army Cadets up in Inverness on the 3rd April and feels like I have a million things to cram into the time before, including moving into a new flat, going to Mull for three days, going to see the amazing Treacherous Orchestra in Glasgow a well as all the jobs I have on just now and kilt pins to make! Ahhhh!!... Need to speed things up a notch, I'll be pretty relaxed in Mull after all!

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