Friday, 3 June 2011

Getting Going

Had my first proper day of work again, through in Perth at my sister Sarah's shop - The Tayberry Gallery.  Did more chatting than working but did manage to finish a necklace, on sale now of course in the aforementioned Tayberry Gallery, from peg to shelf in the matter of minutes, how satisfying!  The necklace is part of me and Sarah's joint jewellery collection we've been working on together, I don't have a photo of it, but here's a couple of brooches and some cufflinks instead!

Went out for a wee walk (big walk for me right now!), Perth was beautiful today!  Popped into meet Janet Eagleton, renowned sporran maker, to bend her ear a bit about sporran cantles, something I hope to start exploring soon, I've got some awesome ideas!  Visited Boo Vake as well for a wee chat with the lovely Arlene and a browse of her quirky and colourful shop.  Got all inspired by the worn sandstone with pebbles poking through on the Perth Bridge, ideas forming for my first box designs, another project for this year. I recently completed a commission for a set of boxes and I enjoyed making them so much and now I just want to make more, I like the lid thing, there's something so joyful about opening something up to see what's inside!  And here they are!....

They were designed to celebrate the adoption of a couples two children, one box for each member of the family.  The design on top is based on the landscape of Corrie Fee and Glen Clova, the centre point being the location of the couples marraige.  The hilly ring holds the four boxes together symbolising the everlasting bond of the family.

Couple more kilt pins made recently too.... and of course! if you haven't seen it already! my (almost finished :/) scrubbed up kilt pin website!

Glen Brig Kilt Pin and Cufflinks

Arran Kilt Pin

Excited to be showing four pieces at Treasure, part of London Jewellery Week, next week with the ACJ!  Here they are!........

That's all for now folks!


Emily Boyd said...

When did Sarah take over at Tayberry? I hadn't heard that Ebba was giving it up. Then again I live twenty minutes from Perth and I've still not managed to have a proper look in so that's not that surprising.

I'll definitely have to come over and visit now I know that it's you guys running it! I saw Sarah at the degree show, but never got a chance to say a proper hello.

I like the faceted resin on the necklace, and it's nice that you and Sarah are doing a joint project. I'd like to do that with my sisters, but can't work out how we'd do it.

Have fun at work and hope you're feeling better after your ordeal at the hospital!

Em x

Islay Spalding said...

Hi Emily!
Sarah took it over 3 months ago, you'll need to check it out!
Yeh Sarah and I have been wanting to do something together for a while now but never really found the right thing, but they seem to be selling well in the Tayberry anyway!
Getting better all the time thanks! Hope your jewellery's going well, you should join the ACJ and come along to our meetings in Dundee!!
Islay x