Friday, 15 August 2008

Driving and Para-Gliding are fun!

I can drive!!!!

I've just finished a five day driving course! Although I've not sat my test yet, I'll be doing it sometime next week rather than tomorrow like the girl I did the course with as I'll be in Glasgow at the World Pipe Band Championships! Whoo! We have a good chance of winning grade 3a so I just hope we play well and it doesn't rain too hard!

This is me on my first day driving to Arbroath on the duel carriageway! Broooom Broom!!

Other exciting news, I was para gliding last night! Well, evening! My sister, Sarah, got a voucher for a para gliding lesson with a friend for her birthday and we've been meaning to go for ages but not been available at the right time. So after my day of driving yesterday we got a call from the guy saying it was good to go now of we were ready! So it was all very exciting and random! So we went up a hill between Perth and Dundee somewhere and did some gliding! It was great fun, a really nice smooth feeling, sort of like flying a nice big stunt kite but you're hanging underneath it. Stomach muscles a bit sore today though and I got dragged through a cow pat!


I finished this Kilt Pin recently, it was commissioned for a birthday present. The circles are inspired by a camera lens.

I've got a couple of other Kilt Pins on the go and I've just finished putting together bracelets and necklaces made from resin shapes and chain. They are really fun and colourful! They are getting hallmarked just now so I'll put a photo up soon!

Right must go, band practice!

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