Monday, 18 August 2008

We did it!!! We won the Worlds!! Whoooooo!!!!

The Drum Corps

Me and my Mum
So happy! It was a fantastic day! The forecast was for rain but it managed to stay dry which was also a bonus and I had an advert for my kilt pins in the program! My first advert! For the rest of the results look here >> Our novice band came 8th in their grade.

Also that day the Courier, our local newspaper, published a feature on me and my jewellery. Please click here to read it. I am really pleased with the article as I was quite nervous about what was going to be written but I think it's a brilliant piece and the photos look really good too.

The band were at Crieff Games yesterday, I was so tired after my week of early starts doing my driving lessons and the day before (winning the Worlds gives you a hell of a hangover!) I managed to fall asleep in the shower trying to get ready in the morning. But it turned out to be a fun day, I had a lovely cheeseburger, some snoozing on the bus and dodgy judging! We got 2nd in Grade 3 and 1t in Grade 2.

So I'm having a bit of relaxing day today and a bit of a tidy up/sort out. My little sister is moving out today so I'm going to be moving my 'office' out of my tiny bedroom into her old room, well half of it, it's split in two from when my other sister, Sarah, and I stayed in there. I'm also moving workshops soon to a place in Dundee that I'll be sharing with a few friends. Starting to get a little bit stressed as I have all this to do plus making jewellery for up and coming exhibitions and craft shows and the Christmas rush, and my kilt pin commissions which are proving quite popular before I go away on the 15th September for two weeks. Although I am feeling quite postive about everything just now. Ahhh! Can't wait though! Going to Disney World in Florida and I'm sooooooooo excited, it's annoying when you want time to go slow and fast at the same time!

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