Wednesday 28 May 2008

Good news!!! I passed my driving theory test today! Full marks for the multiple choice bit! Whoo Hooooo!!

Tuesday 6 May 2008

Whoooops! Just found a blog I meant to post a couple of weeks ago but failed to actually post it! Here it is!

The sun is here at last! It's a gorgeous day and I'm taking advantage of the weather by doing some drawing outside today. I've got quite a few designs to do for some commissioned kilt pins and other pieces of jewellery after an article was published on last month.
You can read it here >>

I've also recently been accepted to exhibit at MADE08, a craft fair in Brighton on the 21st-23rd November. It'll be the biggest craft fair I have done and it's open to public and trade so I'm quite excited. It also means I'll have to put a proper display together and buy a jewellery cabinet or some sort of display unit for my work.

A favorite commission completed this month for me has been these kilt pins. They were made for twins with the initials A and D which gave the inspiration for the shape. The notches down the side represent the date of the wedding which they were bought for, one twin was the groom, the other the best man.

And here's a photo of them in progress.

I'm sitting outside just now, there's a frog hopping about!