Monday 12 May 2014

Kilt Pins, Plaid Brooch and Cufflinks

A few of the Kilt Pins I've recently been making.

A Plaid Brooch and a wee pair of Cufflinks too.

 Anchor Kilt Pin
Designed for someone in the Merchant Navy.

 Thistle and Shamrock Plaid Brooch with the initials C and G

 Lambton Worm Kilt Pin with Sapphire Eye
Based on the legendery creature that arose from the River Wear and was slain by Sir John Lambton.

 Murdoch Family Crest Kilt Pin

 Italy and Scotland Cufflinks

 Sword Kilt Pin with initials and Aquamarine

Thistle and Shamrock 2014 Kilt Pin

I've now opened an online shop! Hooray! As well as being able to buy kilt pins online you can now buy my jewellery too :) Having a bit of a soft launch to make sure it's working properly so click here to have a sneaky peek.

Still a lot more products to be added and extra photos of the ones available already, but please go check it out, any comments are greatly appreciated, thank you!