Thursday 8 August 2013

On a bus

I'm on a bus, going to Edinburgh to meet a few friends and pop in to the West End Craft Fair, and I was just thinking about all the things that get done and how we don't really know who does them. Like all the average folk that build roads, build buildings, bridges, ships, planes all the crazy things about the place! It never fails to amaze me that we manage to pull together as a team and make these things happen, whatever part you play in it. It got me thinking then about the folk who don't look around and wonder. I heard a story recently about a women who was trying to find a job, she'd been on job seekers allowance for years after losing her job, I can't remember exactly what she did, it was some sort of admin job, but she couldn't see past only being able to do exactly the same job so she finding it difficult to find a new one. The person working at the job centre asked of there was any other jobs she could do, anything she had experience or anything she wanted to do or try out. The women seemed stumped and said there was nothing else she could think of, nothing else she had ever even imagined doing, whether achievable or not, she just didn't have the imagination to see beyond what she knew already. Eventually she replied, asking the job centre employee what their job was like, saying it looked good as it was sitting down, she could perhaps do that? 
Perhaps we need more inspiration, more pride in what we do to inspire others to join in and contribute, let's shout about our achievements, however small or seemingly insignificant, what it goes towards to become a whole can be magnificent. I'd love to know who laid those bricks, who painted that wall, who planted those flowers, who cleaned that street, and of course who decided all these should be done in that way! Perhaps that information being out there would make people take a bit more responsibility and pride in their actions, and therefore inspire others to do the same. Salute the little people! Lots of little things go to make one big thing! We should thank the bin men, I'd love to see a notice board in the city centre with the faces of the people that had kept our streets tidy that day, perhaps it would be harder to drop litter when you knew who was picking it up? We should thank the tradesmen who build our infrastructure, I'd love to see a website where you could see the people involved, from the architects and planners to the person who painted the railings, perhaps it would be harder to vandalise if you knew who made it? 
I'm not saying this is solution to people finding jobs, I've just been watching too much Mad Men so everything's turning into advertising campaigns at the moment. And I realise it's a bit more difficult than just being inspired enough to get off your arse and broaden your horizons a bit, and in a lot of ways, the problem lies in the hands of people who won't ever take responsibility and are so beyond reality they probably don't even realise, or worse, they do but don't give a fuck because they're quite happy thank you and there's bigger things to worry about. 
Should probably sign off before I get ranty, plus I'm about to cross the Forth and want to look at the bridges. I just want everyone to be happy and nice to each other really, help each other out and make good things happen and things to be beautiful! Same old shit.  I'll try blog about some jewellery next time, I don't usually spew my thoughts out everywhere, I'm not particularly confident about constructing an argument or giving my views on things, but you know, bus journeys get samey. 

Guid bridge. Pity about the rain. #scotland