Friday 31 January 2014

Last of the 2013 Kilt Pins

Well, I guess it's Happy New Year....wee bit late but there we go! Thought I'd share a selection of some of the bespoke Kilt Pins I worked on before Christmas with you before rambling on about what else I've been up to, so here you go!

Celtic Spanner 

Doon Pearl Kilt Pins
Outlines of the Rivers Ayr and Doon with the customers Doon Pearl halved.

Mustang Cobra Kilt Pin and Cufflinks
Silver and resin, inspired by the Mustang Cobra and the customers initials: CAM.

New Zealand Fern Kilt Pin, Brooch and Cufflinks
Fern done three ways!

New Zealand Kilt Pin with Koru

Twit Twoo!

Maori Tattoo Kilt Pin
Designed to match the clients tattoo.

Polynesian Turtle Kilt Pin

Bit of a theme running through a few of those designs, just coincidence! Isn't it strange how things turn out?  

Every now and then I get the chance to make things in other metals too! Below is an 18ct Gold pendant, made with the customers own chain and diamond.

So things have been busy in the workshop so far this year, and not too cold. (think that still might be to come....although so long as there's snow to ski on I'm happy!)

Been working on some wood and silver kilt pins with my workshop buddy Louise, something I've been wanting to get started on for a while so that feels great! She's been making an excellent selection of 'Man Pins' too, kilt pins/brooches from hardwoods...they are so beautiful! There's been a few photos from the workshop been posted on Instagram, follow @islayspalding and @louisecforbes for a peek at what's going on.

As well as some interesting Kilt Pin commissions, I'm working on an unusual engagement ring, getting to play with more metals by making platinum and palladium weddings rings, making bits and pieces of my new jewellery collection and finishing up a great big silver belt buckle!

Also got an interesting side project on the go creating some illustrations for an ebook, something a bit different! I love drawing so it's been fun but it made me realise it's been a while since I drew 'real' things, that aren't kilt pins and pieces of jewellery of course, looking forward to seeing it all come together, I'll let you know when it does! Meanwhile here's a sneaky peek - 
Time to stop procrastinating and head out in the rain, doing some big solders in the workshop this afternoon and got a cushion sale to visit later before band practice......have a good one!