Saturday 21 July 2012

Summer holiday on South Uist

Since I'm finally up to speed again after my holidays I thought I'd better show you the pics! I spent the first week of July on South Uist at CeĆ²las, a Gaelic music summer school, playing my fiddle, learning Ceol Mor the Allan MacDonald way, inappropriately hitting things with drumsticks and attempting and failing to learn any Gaelic.  Except the words uisge beatha....that means whisky!

Excellent Kilt Pin inspiration

Sun setting from the ferry

Looking towards Barra

Learning tunes on the beach,,,,good times!

Me and Julia

Just want to be back there now!

Lochboisdale very early one morning

Hills with their cloud hats

And here's a wee video of the pub...


"Thig crioch airan t-saoghal ach mairidh gaol is ceol" (The world will come to an end, but love and music will endure)