Sunday 19 October 2008

New Workshop!

I'm well established in my new workshop now! It's great, the sink may be up some stairs but I've got used to the basins of water again pretty quickly!

As you can see it's just as messy, creative chaos!

I've been working on Christmas kilt pin commissions and jewellery for exhibitions and craft shows since I got back from the World of Walt. Also been doing a great job of ignoring my self assessment tax forms, boooo! Meeting the accountant tonight though so hopefully I'll get it all sorted out pretty quickly.

Here's a couple of close ups of my desk covered with lots of half finished jewellery, I'm really good at making half finished pieces!

I'd really like to do a wee write up of my time in Disney World but so far I've not found the time and I think keeping it short would be the biggest challenge. I've got such a huge amount of photos it's just silly. Makes you wonder, when you're old and showing photos to the grandkids it'll take years to get through them all at this rate!