Friday 18 April 2014

10 mins before band...

Oh what a beautiful day! Just cycled up the road from my workshop and now I'm sitting by my window in my flat overlooking sunny Dundee and the Tay...meant to be getting drum music ready to give to the kids at pipe band practice soon but thought I'd grab 10 minutes to write this as I've just done what I've done so many times and written a blog post in my thought I'd better get it down quick!

I write a lot of blog posts in my head, I used to do the same with diary entries.  I kept a journal style diary when I was a young teenager (the best time of life to do this I'd say!), stories of so many first times and happy memories, I'm glad I wrote them down!

It's not always the actual stories though, but seeing the pages and reading the words can jog the brain into new memories. I've always liked memories, and I've always been pretty good at remembering things from my childhood and how I felt as a child and growing up...I think it's important as an adult to remember these feelings and experiences, it's a thing none of us should ever lose.  But then as I started to grow up I wrote less often and used photographs instead, I have a couple of excellent photo albums (yes real photos!!) from my student days, all organised, and even a few VHS tapes of our silly times!

But now it's all online! It's what I love about the internet and social media, especially in my line of work, I feel so integrated with my work and everything I do feeds into inspiring what I'll make next, which then feeds out again into memory joggers of what I was doing/how I was feeling at the time. I record so much of my work, what inspires me or makes me happy on facebook or instagram that now it's like my diary.  A lot of people would say social media is an edited version of ourselves but of course it is, we edit ourselves as people for different situations all the time, always have done! A negative feeling might slip through on my personal facebook page now and again, maybe even on instagram, but the positive stuff is what I want to remember, I'll learn from the negatives.

Can't really remember the point I was trying to make, and I need to go and get ready now, but anyway I think it was something about I should write in this blog more :) I used to write a bit more personal stuff but I feel the last wee while has all been photos of kilt pins, mind you that is this and this is that anyway. I think it's just the sunshine making me feel all contemplatey (no time to find the correct word or sentence structure there)

Here's a photo of my lovely view :) .....must dash!