Thursday 28 June 2012

New Commissioned Work

As promised, a selection of recent commissions for jewellery and Kilt Pins -

18ct Wedding Rings
Notches and lines represent the date of the wedding.

Thistle and Shamrock Kilt Pin and Cuff Links
For a wedding to match the stationary designs.

Stac Pollaidh and Antler Kilt Pin
Hillscape with Stac Pollaidh at the top, a piece of the clients favourite music and an edge inspired by the shape of a deer's antler.

 India Pendant Kilt Pin
I was given this silver pendant to mount on a brass background and turn into a Kilt Pin.

Hexagon Brooch
This piece was designed with a friend and made for his girlfriend.

 Sydney Opera House Kilt Pin
For a 30th birthday, featuring the River Thames inside a Sydney Opera House shape with notches and lines around the edges representing the clients date of birth.

Collie's Kilt Pin
For graduation, St Andrews Cathedral and a map of the Lairig Ghru.

 Conisby Kilt Pin
The coastline around Conisby, Islay, and the Gaelic word for love.

I've just had to delete a few images upon realising the dates they were made for have not yet passed, so better not give away any surprises!

Now, back to the workshop for a bit before a last day of work tomorrow, British Pipe Band Championships on Saturday then HOLIDAY! A week on South Uist - fiddling, piping and merriment!

Monday 25 June 2012

New Studio!

I am excited to announce that Islay Spalding Contemporary Jewellery Designs is expanding! I now have a space in the wasps studios in Dundee, shared with my sister, to use as a design studio. For the first time in a couple of years I will have a desk, a real actual desk and not a living room table! So, no more designing kilt pins in pyjamas for me. As great as it sounds, working from home was starting to drive me a bit crazy, it looses it's appeal after a while, and to have a space where I can just work and not worry about dishes and distractions is a total treat. It's just round the corner from my workshop, 4 minutes 50 from bench to desk locking doors behind me... not bad! The other huge advantage of another work space is for the cleaner side of jewellery making. The presentation and photography of pieces, packing and wrapping and paperwork is all much easier in a space that's not filled with tools, materials and dust (my workshop buddy cuts a lot of wood...) We've still got a bit of shifting to do and some shelves to build to complete the master plan but here's a wee peek at what it looked like at the Wasps Open Studios last weekend -

Oh, and we have a hole in the floor!

I'll get a wee blog post up this week about some of the commissioned kilt pins I've made recently since there's not been one up in a while, meanwhile, take a look at this stop motion animation by Max Hattler, total jewellery inspiration!

Shift (by Max Hattler) from Max Hattler on Vimeo.