Friday 9 January 2009


I hope everyone has had a good festive season! I had a lovely Christmas at home with my family and a bit different this year as Sarah (my sister) and I made the Christmas dinner. The usual turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes affair but with slightly different recipes and flavourings than we usually have thanks to the good food website. Sarah was head chef and was wonderfully organised with a detailed time plan and lots of prep done the day before. And I made a lovely trifle!

Santa was very good to me and brought me a bike for my journeys to the studio as well as paniers to carry all my stuff about in. Yippeee!! It goes fast!

I spent Hogmany and New Years Day (Ali's birthday) in Pitlochry at the aforementioned Ali's house. It was so nice being in the countryside for the New Year, she lives out near Edradour so we could see the fireworks in the town at midnight but were far enough away to see the clear sky absolutely covered with stars! There was piping, drinking, food and jenga, everything a good Hogmany needs!

Here are photos of some of the Kilt Pins I've recently made.

And look at this picture my sister found! A house made of caravans! I would like to live in a place like this!