Thursday 19 March 2009

Drum roll please!

Boo hoo, I failed my driving test on Tuesday. Although as to be expected, I only did a day of training on Monday since my last week in August so I think, if I had passed, I would a bit of a dodgy driver! Had a great big stall and panic right in the middle of a roundabout on the Kingsway, ahhh!!!

Good news though! Check out my sexy new drum!!! I've always wanted a pearl drum, sooo shiny! The colour is amazing, the camera doesn't do it justice, it's more purple near the bottom and top and kind of iridescent. mmmmmmm...........

Another new addition to the workshop by master builer Adrian, a coffee cabinet! So we can keep all our cups and things dust free, and a place for our magazines and games!

I'm currently watching the boyfriend laying out some bacon to grill for me, he's also doing poached eggs, yum!

Do you live in Brighton?

If yes then get yourself down to Dukes Lane to a sparkly gallery called Jewel Thief, I've just sent them down a collection of exciting jewellery, go look!

If no then check out their website and book a train to Brighton, or you can see a new collection of jewellery in Hanna's Gallery, 30 South Tay Street, Dundee. And I'm coming soon to Concrete Wardrobe on Broughton Street in Edinburgh.

Right, I'm away to eat some bacon! Byeee!