Tuesday 13 September 2016

Cheerio Wullymorph!

Today's the day! Later on tonight all of Dundee's colourful Oor Wullie sculptures will be auctioned off to raise money to build a new operating theatre in Tayside Children's Hospital.

Back in June I spent five days in Tayberry Gallery live drawing all over a 5 foot tall fibreglass Wullie to create Wullymorph!  Artists, local and international, were asked to submit designs for the Wullies and then the chosen designs were sponsored by local businesses and brought to life for the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail.

The proposal drawing for Wullymorph
Progress being made....

If you live in Dundee or have visited over the past couple of months then you will be familiar with the cheeky chappy who's been popping up all over the city, some have been on tour to other cities, and over the weekend there they were all brought together in Slesslor Gardens for a spectacular send off!

I was so excited to find out my Wullie was to be displayed in Broughty Ferry, my home town! Thank you everyone for looking after him so well! And here he is in Slessor Gardens with the rest of my family :)

A visit to the P2s at Grange Primary School, we had fun playing with jewellery and making shape pictures together!  

It has been amazing seeing how these sculptures have affected people in the city, I think many will be sad to see them go, but glad it's all for a good cause and has made, and will continue to make, so many people happy and well. Huge thanks to all the organisers who have done a fantastic job making things run smoothly and making sure all the Oor Wullies have been well looked after, it's been a privilege to be involved, fingers crossed for the auction tonight!! Good luck Wullymorph and all the rest!