Saturday 5 August 2023


💛 Luckenbooth Brooches 💛 

I’ve had a wee flurry of enquiries about these so thought I’d share three bespoke versions I’ve made for people in the past, and three drawings of versions yet to be made! 

Luckenbooths are a Scottish love token, traditionally made from silver, sometimes set with stones, which dates back to the 17th century. The name comes from the Scots word for a lockable stall or workshop. The Luckenbooths on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh housed many silversmiths and goldsmiths and were the first place these style of brooches were made and sold.

If you’d like to commission one of the designs, as they are, or with changes or additions such as initials, stones or Date Notches, then please get in touch! 

The oval cabochon stone used in the first brooch is a piece of granite provided by the customer from a quarry north of Oban. The third brooch has a cabochon of Tayside moss agate, both cut and polished by Nat from Scottish Gemstones. 

Taking orders for later in the year deadlines and beyond….books are filling up so if you’re thinking about Christmas (I know it’s far away but good things take time!) then please get in touch sooner rather than later :)  

Thanks for reading….first blog post in about 3 years! When is say blog post, it’s the same post I’ve just posted on Instagram, thought it might be good to start duplicating these things and make them a bit more searchable online. Would love to hear your comments if you’re reading here so please say hi!